When did I turn into a woman?

Two things to know. 1) I became unemployed in late April of this year. 2) I was so not a make-up, nail polish, handbags, jewelry kind of girl.

Being unemployed, I’m looking for ways to be employed, at least somewhat. As miserable as I was at my last job, I know I wanted to try something where I am in control. I decide when to work, what to do, how often. I was a cog in a machine :( before, and I wanted nothing more than to experiment and try something else.

I have always been a tomboy. Not the sporty type, just the “I don’t give a shit about girly stuff” tomboy. My idea of getting dolled up was putting on mascara and maybe (for a big event) some lip gloss. I hadn’t worn nail polish in about 10 years. The only jewelry I had were bracelets, mostly the beaded unisex style.

I think since getting involved with my boyfriend over the past several months (that’s right, man, I’m blaming you!), I have turned into a woman who likes girly/womanly shit now.

Also, as I was pondering what the fuck I’m going to do next now that I have no job, I saw a commercial on freaking TV. About selling Avon/mark. products. Watching it, I thought, this… might be something I’d have some fun doing! It’s completely out of my usual character. This is a time for some change though, try something new, take some control.

Avon calling!

Avon calling!

So now, laugh of all laughs, I am an Avon lady!

To be honest, my previous thoughts of Avon was that it was for grandmas and other older women. Like, 40+ at least. But, shockingly, they have tons of great stuff that I want. I had absolutely no idea. It’s definitely not your grandma’s Avon anymore.

I have to share a few of my favorite things. Things that you would be insane not to adore. Srsly.

Sunscreen with insect repellent

Sunscreen with insect repellent! Genius!

Sunscreen plus insect repellent?! Fucking genius! I want a million bottles.

Butler bag

The compartmentalized butler bag. I love cute bags, but mine have, like, one big compartment, and a little zip pocket. Which means all my stuff is a jumbled mess, impossible to find anything quickly. As soon as I saw this in a catalog, I knew that it must be mine. It may have even been the first thing I ordered. All the compartments are amazing. All my shit fits in my bag neatly, and I can find it! It looks sexy, and it’s roomy enough to toss a light hoodie or sweater into!

mark Hook-ups

mark Hook-ups

As far as make-up goes, I’m still a bit of a minimalist, though I am experimenting more. The mark brand hook-up is the best. It’s 2 products, one on either side of a little connector. I have a lip gloss and a mascara on mine. Keep it in my purse, always ready to doll up or touch up. I think the gloss and mascara are perfect on this thing, because they’re just the right size to be all used up by the time you should be throwing gloss or mascara away (germs, ew!).

There are tons more things, of course, but I had to share these.

As for profits, I’m not making much of anything yet, but I’m not frustrated. I wanted to spend the first couple of months trying things out, seeing what I can recommend to customers. I got a bunch of samples of things to try (and give away). I’m having fun! When I start school in the fall, I’m hoping I’ll have more opportunities to share this stuff with others.

If this stuff looks great to you, be sure to shop my own store: avongorgeo.us ;) Just hit “Shop Now”.

Besides doing Avon, I am still doing freelance web design work, selling a few things on eBay. Keep trying to move forward. I’m a trillion times happier now than I was at that job, so I want to keep this happiness and excitement up. Keep my eyes on the prize of a BFA in Graphic Design (btw – I was accepted!!!), make a little money to stay afloat.

And have new cute things!

3 comments on “When did I turn into a woman?

  • I like the idea of the bag with the compartments, but that design is just… eh, far too girly for my tastes (a fellow tomboy).

  • Isn’t it funny how losing your job can put things into perspective? I was the same way when I was made redundant from my previous job. It wasn’t a happy time but it gave me the opportunity to sit back and take the time to think about what I wanted to do with myself.

    I think Avon is really coming around. I received a catalogue at the start of the year and wanted nearly everything! :D
    That bag is awesome… although probably miles to big for me but it looks lovely from inside and out.

    I’m glad you’re having fun with it all!

    … Avon stuff looks like there is a massive range over there in comparison to here.


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