Preparing for the first day.

I think I’m ready for my first day of school after 3 years of freedom. Food prepared for snacks/lunch (I do not want to pay for overpriced college food). Backpack stocked. Bus schedule figured out. Supplies for the first day’s classes ready (3D Design and 2D Digital Design).

Ready for school!

Deciding on an outfit. I don’t think anyone will care how I look, but it might set my mood for the day. The forecasted high for tomorrow is about 55°F, so I’m thinking light layers! I have a four hour gap between my classes; I might check out the uni gym. I don’t think I’ll utilize it right away tomorrow, but at least see what’s what. If I bring gym clothes, that’s another bag to keep track of. Must find out about a locker so I don’t have to carry all my art crap back and forth on the bus every day.

When I went to community college, on the first day almost every instructor would give this lame-ass fucking lecture about “you’re all adults now, so I expect you to act that way” and do things on time and all that garbage. How patronizing can you be? It’s a given we’re adults, don’t try to lecture me like you’re my parent. I hope I don’t clash with any of the instructors.

I know I’ll be mocking many of the students, so expect my Twitter to be busy! I am sure there will be leggings and pajamas as far as the eye can see. I’ll try to snap a pic to share if anything is super awful.

One comment on “Preparing for the first day.

  • Well it’s a bit late now.. but HAVE A GOOD FIRST DAY!.

    Did you enjoy it? Sounds exciting! I wish I got the chance to go to Uni. It’s a long and boring story as to why I didn’t go.

    Yesh, got enough bags? I bought my boyfriend a huge arse bag for Xmas last year, because he has to carry around lots of books and stuff, it wasn’t cheap.

    I’ll be waiting for those Tweets. :P


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