Survival of the first week.

The first week of school had gone pretty well. Found all my classes, nothing horribly embarrassing happened, I didn’t hurt anyone (that I’m aware of). I’ve been keeping up on my homework; I’ve had assignments nearly every day to do. Granted some of those assignments are “find an item at home of an interesting shape that you’ll sculpt with wire next week” and “go outside and take 20 pictures of circles”. Got to love being a design major! There has been some reading for Art History as well. Nothing serious.

Next week, my schedule will have a few more bumps, with gatherings for a couple of clubs I may be interested in (design, gaming). I also have a meeting with my adviser; I want to make sure I can do what needs to be done to graduate in Spring 2012.

I haven’t really made any friends or acquaintances to speak of yet, so waiting between classes is kind of a bore. I finally installed my new (larger) hard drive in my laptop, so I think I’ll bring movies/TV shows to watch. And I must check out the gym, damn it! I’m so lazy.

2 comments on “Survival of the first week.

  • I’m sure you’ll meet some more people in clubs. I am just a little bit addicted to clubs, but why would you not love to hang out with a bunch of people who have similar interests?


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