Boring This Way.

Wow, it is just like Express Yourself. The theist tone is also annoying; I hear her next single is supposed to be “Judas”. I don’t know, I want to like her for what she is: mindless dance music. But the whole holier-than-thou attitude and thinking her obvious, amateur lyrics are deeper than the ocean is a huge turn-off. Just shut up, make dance music about sex. Stop trying to be a messiah. I miss when Lady Gaga was fun.

If I was gay, I’d feel insulted that everyone says this is supposed to be my anthem.

4 comments on “Boring This Way.

  • I couldn’t even listen to it the whole way through. Not enough sex for me. Seriously, though, I’ve heard enough songs like Express Yourself, so much it made me a little sick.

  • “Just shut up, make dance music about sex.”

    That made me laugh at how pathetic it is. God forbid someone want to write and create music that isn’t mindless and, well, stupid.

    It’s funny how many deluded Britney fans jumped on the “Express Yourself” bandwagon when the producer of “Express Yourself” said it doesn’t sound like it at all. Hmm.

    • Pathetic is using a group of oppressed people as a marketing gimmick for your own professional advancement. And doing this so obviously. I’m all for supporting the gay community, but she’s clearly taking it to a level that borders on exploitation. Her motives look like anything but altruistic. Also pathetic is trying to market yourself as a messiah of music and “the underdog” when your lyrics are trite and you’re clearly immensely successful and out of touch with real underdogs. I was a fan of Lady Gaga. I still like to see what new wacky thing she’s come up with. I think it’s important to have someone pushing the envelope. But the more it goes on, the more it just looks like a huge gimmick. Other than with this song, there are other accusations out there of her ripping off other ideas. Whether it’s appropriation or a deluded attempt at being sneaky or just an accident, I don’t know. I’m hoping she’ll make a turn around at some point. At this point she’s just insulting homosexuals and underdogs.


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