Now this is the Britney I remember.

I know I’m too old and too metal m/ to get down to some Britney, but who the fuck am I to resist that beat? Her last video was kind of “meh”, so I was pleasantly surprised this one is pretty damn hot. Reminds me of the Slave 4 U days (my personal favorite of her career).

Welcome back, bitch!

6 comments on “Now this is the Britney I remember.

  • Oh, the video is VERY Slave 4 U. And the red jumpsuit is like a sexier version of the one in Oops!

    I have to say I like this Britney. Maybe she’s not as big as she used to be, what with all the new Rihanna’s and Lady Gaga’s on the scene. But she’s older, she’s been through some tough times, it seems like she’s learnt and grown as a person. I think she’s a healthier size too, and she looks excellent in her outfits in this video. :)

  • Yes, she is quite an amazing woman. I especially like this video, this would be my first time viewing it.


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