Back to school.

The exciting world of a new semester at university. Thus begins my second year at the U. My classes:

  • Design Technology I. The syllabus tells me this class is wayyyy below my skill level. At the end of the semester, we’ll be using Dreamweaver to code a webpage! :-O Gasp! The scariest part of that will be fighting every urge I have to re-code it by hand and blowing everyone away with my mad CSS skills. Gotta love spending many thousands of dollars on learning… nothing.
  • Typography I. This class will be interesting and fun. I’ve been excited to take this class since the beginning of last year, but they force you to take classes in a certain order instead of letting you actually learn something useful when you’re already way ahead of everyone.
  • Photography II: Alternative Processes. Another class I’m not too excited about, but if I want a Photography minor, I have to take it. It sounds like it’ll be an entire semester of printing photos in “cyanotype”. I’m not sure why they have alternative processes as plural since it’s just the one process. A whole semester of blue pictures. Excitement abounds. The teacher is a total crunchy-granola artsy type, which is extra annoying.
  • European Art History: Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. It feels a little weird to be excited for this class, but I love the teacher. In fact, the only reason I took this particular class (besides for my Art History minor) is because she was teaching it. She’s just so passionate about everything she teaches and makes it interesting. No drab history here. It sounds like I’ll be writing several papers, but I think I’ll survive.

Among beginning all these classes, I’m trying to plan another trip to Italy in October to visit my sailor while he’s on leave. Hopefully it can come together. I’ve emailed all my teachers about wanting to get anything due while I’m gone done ahead of time so I don’t have anything late or missing. Maybe I won’t get straight A’s this semester, but I think that’d be a small price to pay. As long as I pass everything. Two of my four teachers have responded positively. So, fingers crossed that it’ll happen! I’m missing him somethin’ fierce. And the pizza. But mostly the sailor.