Romance in Italy, Part II.

Lovely Italia

I was here. Srsly.

I will be going to Italy again for the first 2 weeks of October. :D Words cannot express.

This trip will be a bit different. Last trip (in July), Mr Sailor’s leave was canceled, so he still had to go to work every day. That cut down quite a bit on together-time. Side trips were a bit hurried because of his schedule, so I felt a little robbed of our time. But this trip! He’s got leave and it shouldn’t be revoked again. 24/7 of together-time! I suppose this could be a test of how well we can stand each other for extended periods. :-o

I’m not too worried. We both value and respect alone-time. Even when someone else is in the room. It’ll be a good opportunity to get to know each other even better. Always a good thing.

… Right?

3 comments on “Romance in Italy, Part II.

  • Both value and respect alone time? Tell me again, where can I find someone like that? :o That’s always my problems in relationships: I don’t feel like spending every minute of the forseable future together… you know just half a day as opposed to a full one. *sigh*

    • Yeah! Alone time is important. We even had separate time to ourselves while in the same room. Doin’ our own things. Too much together time is like ughhh. Are you still here?

  • We like to be together all the time, but it’s usually how you describe. We’re doing our separate things but in the presence of each other. So really, we’re not alone, but it’s nice having that person within reach should I want to look up from what I’m doing for a second.


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