I have not seen my boyfriend since October. I am going to see him on Monday, February 13. :D :D :D

Words cannot express.

He’s been living in Italy doing the Navy sailor thing for a few years, and recently scored a gig in the Washington DC area. He’ll be spending some of his Leave with me and then moving/starting his new job in DC. And in May after my semester ends, I’m going to move there and live with him. :-o

Words cannot express.

It still doesn’t feel real. His visit or the move. I alternate between excitement and suspicion. Suspicion that another shoe has to drop soon. There’s just no way all of this awesomeness is going to rain down upon me and flood me with joy. I am not this lucky of a person. Luck for me comes in the form of finding a quarter in the couch cushions. This is so far above and beyond my scope of possibilities of things that can actually happen that I’m like, what is the trade-off. What equally horrible thing awaits me. What is going to go Terribly Wrong and ruin it all.

But then, excitement. I am going to live with him and see him nearly every day. I am going to live with a man I am not related to for the first time ever (I will be 30 years old by then). We are going to play games and watch movies and cook dinner together all the time. When I feel the need to kiss him, I’ll actually be able to kiss him. And not have to wait 3 months. When something good happens, I’ll be able to share it with him. When I’m feeling miserable and need a hug and a cuddle, he’ll be there. When he needs me, I can actually be there for him instead of feeling helpless.

Yep, still feels like a dream. ;)

The visit next week will be lovely. I’ll still have to keep up with school, but otherwise we can just have yay-fun-togethertime all day and night. I’ve started a list of things we can do, like seeing Woman in Black.

(I’m such a nerd, I already have a couple of Excel spreadsheets going for the move. One spreadsheet of apartment possibilities, another spreadsheet of job possibilities for me, and a spreadsheet outlining what things I want to bring with me, what will wait for a bigger move, and what I need to buy out there. Can we say “over-prepared”? You won’t be moving til May, Ang!)

6 comments on “Squee-ness.

  • Awww, yay! That is so awesome! I know it’s hard, but don’t wait for something bad to crop up. Bad things will always happen, just like good things always will. Put more emphasis on the good and don’t let the bad keep you down!

  • You will LOVE D.C….your whole life is about to change for the better. Moving is always traumatic and live-saving at the same time.

    At least you’ll have better weather…more job opportunity…and be closer to NYC…don’t worry so much, your life is opening up.

    I think it’s awesome :D

    • I hope I will love it! The alternative would be too miserable to consider. Looking forward to winters in DC, but summers may be too hot for my taste. With more job opportunities comes more competition. So I’m hopeful that I’ll find something, but I’m not feeling like it’s a done deal. And YEAH closer to NYC! :D


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