A brief respite.

I have had the rare and wonderful privilege of getting to see my boyfriend multiple times in the past several weeks. When he got to the states, I got to have him all to myself for about a week and a half. Then a day apart, then together again for a night. Then a week or two apart, and another day/night together. So many laughs and giggles and games and snuggles and talk talk talkings. He’ll be going on to Washington, DC soon. To start his job and find us a nice place to live. :D

It’s going to be so weird living with someone I’m “in a relationship” with. I’ve never done that before. I’m sure there will be some hassles with adapting, for both of us. But I’d like to think I’m an easy-going sort of girlfriend. I’ve already been browsing through Ikea’s website for furniture ideas (so many bookshelves!). When I go there in May, I’ll be flying in with just a couple bags. I will likely ship a few boxes of things, but it will largely be a “mini-move” without much of my things. The cats and plants will have to wait til I’m settled, have a decent job, and built up some money to go back and drive them out during a bigger move. I’m not even sure if I’ll take any of my furniture. The boyfriend has most of what we’ll need, and other things may be better if bought there. If I can do my “big move” with just a minivan of things (and cats), that would be superb.

I applied to one great company in DC, so far. I’ve been refining my resume and cover letter to be A+ quality. I think I mostly have them ironed out. I still have 2 months before I’ll even be there, so I’m not in a hurry to find a job quite yet. But it would be aces if I could have a gig lined up and waiting for me! I’ve bookmarked several companies I’m most excited about. I figure I’ll send them my info slowly, in order of my potential favorites. If nobody bites, then my standards will have to start coming down. ;) Canned, personalityless web companies will be at the bottom of the list. Fingers crossed I can work somewhere awesome. Well, with my career luck the last 2 years, fingers crossed I can work anywhere at all. The best would be a company I could have the option of working off-site for, in the event of us moving in a few years to his next duty station. Keeping a job I’m established with would be a dream come true.

Big things ahead! I’m impatient to get started.

Edit: I also updated this site a little bit! I widened the main column and rearranged a few things. Hopefully more enjoyable to browse around. :)

6 comments on “A brief respite.

    • :D Thanks! It is still a shock. I’ve been steeling myself up since the start to not be able to be with him very much. And it’s going to change for the better way sooner than I could have dreamed.

  • Yay!! That is so exciting for you. :D For me, I remember it was mostly just a “getting used to daily habits/routines” thing when I moved in with my then-b/f, which was expected and didn’t turn out to be much of a big deal at all. Overall it was awesome! :D

    I hope the move and job hunting goes well!!


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