Reluctantly getting fit.

I have been slowly working on a weight-loss journey. Yes, again. :P

The Tracy Anderson program didn’t really seem to work for me last summer. I haven’t given up on the Tracy Anderson, but I think she’s far more advanced than what I’m ready for. So I’ve been working on starting smaller. Sure, I would love to work out an hour a day, 6 days a week, high-intensity interval training, etc etc. But I’m starting at zero. The exercise I have gotten over the past several years has been negligible at best. I am weak. (Physically, not mentally?) I need to build up my strength and endurance if my workouts aren’t going to just make me wish I was dead the whole time. I want everything to be more effective. I want that “metabolism” thing I hear people talk about but have never experienced myself!

I’ve been starting with 20 minute workouts. An hour seems like foreverrrrr, but 20 minutes? That’s nothing at all. I can totally do that. I did walking on the treadmill for the first month or so. I have since moved on to the elliptical. I try to go 6 days a week, but I think that only actually happened 1 week, lol. So the goal is “more days of the week than not.” So, at least 4. After the first several weeks, I decided to add weight training. Since I am so weak from years of inactivity, it was a smart step. Can’t expect my workouts to be much good if I’m not very strong. So the goal is 4 days of cardio and 3 days of weights (with Saturday being the day I do both, Sunday no workouts). MWFSa cardio, TThSa weights. Again, doesn’t often happen that way, so if I can even do MWF cardio and TTh weights, I still consider it a win.

Any progress is a win. I try to remember that.

I do my workouts in the mornings before work. Yes, getting up earlier than I “have to” suxxxxxxxx. But when I tried to do evening workouts, they never happened. I’d find excuses. I’m too tired from being at work all day. I’ll do it tomorrow. I have plans. It’s much easier to find excuses when you have a whole day to think them up! And dreading a workout all day is also no fun. But when I get up and do it right away in the morning, I don’t have time to think up excuses. I don’t have time to dread it. Allegedly, I have kickstarted my energy and metabolism for the day. I do feel more “awake” if I’ve worked out in the morning than when I haven’t.

Been working on my eating too. If there’s any truth to “80% nutrition, 20% exercise” rule of losing weight, I can’t forget food. I’m watching calories with myfitnesspal. My goal right now is to stay under 1600 calories a day. Seems like a lot, even to me, but when I had lower calorie goals I never stayed within them. And it is disheartening. It is demotivating to feel like you’re constantly failing. So I upped the calories to a more reasonable goal, with the intention of lowering that number as I make progress. (If I make progress?)

Added a lot more fruit into my diet. Before, I’d have almost none. Now I’m trying to have my snacks and desserts be almost exclusively fruits. Strawberries, apples, grapes, and clementines are my favorites. I try to alternate them week by week. As I get sick of eating one kind, I swap it out for another. Lots of Kashi GoLean bars for snacks as well. I’ve been having Greek yogurt as breakfast for years, but I’ve added granola with lots of fiber now. I’ve been eating a lot of Lean Cuisines for lunch and dinner. Which feels like cheating the whole “eating clean” if I’m consuming frozen dinners, but they still feel like a step in the right direction. They make counting the calories significantly easier. They make portion control easier. Right now, I need easy. If I get discouraged, I could derail this whole thing. Which is what always happens.

Also been using Tumblr for “fitspiration”. I started my own “fitblr”, Reluctant Fitness. Mostly I just repost things I find motivating (I love before-and-afters), and some mocking of the bullshit motivational stuff (sweat is not your fat crying, you idiot). And other things that I find motivating on a realistic level. Getting fit fucking sucks, yo. Let’s not paint it up like it doesn’t.

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  • Right now I am in the process of trying to change our lifestyle to help my husband lose weight so I totally understand. We are looking at it as a lifestyle change and not just a diet because honestly, diets set you up to fail. You do it for awhile to lose weight and once you have, then you stop and the cycle repeats. I watched a really awesome documentary on Netflix called Hungry For Change that really gave me the inspiration to try something different. It’s not always easy like you said but definitely worth it. My next trial is convincing my husband to get up at 5 so we can exercise. I wish you the best of luck in your journey and can’t wait to see how you progress!

  • I started dabbling with Insanity a month ago. Yeah, I started from nothing right into high intensity. It was painful and horrible but it is getting easier now and I am noticing some major body changes. Especially my legs…I wanted them smaller but they seem to be getting bulkier. Not sure how I feel about that. Anyways, I still can t make it through the entire workout but I modify the things I can’t do and even sometimes substitute them for things that I can. Youtube has a lot of free videos…search for “Leslie Sansone” if you ever feel like trying her stuff. She does a walk at home program, that is boring as hell, but it is good when starting off. I always mute her and play some music…she gets to be annoying. Watch your sodium…that is a biggie. I replaced one meal with Shakeology (130 bucks a month I must be crazy!)…breakfast because I never eat breakfast. It has helped me a lot with cravings and what not. You can do it, it sucks but you can. I need to keep telling myself that also :) Good luck, I will add you on the myfitnesspal. I am jenmencer :)

  • You don’t seem like you’re starting at zero… You know so much about fitness! It’s really wise to start in slow, and the whole thing about fruits as snacks is really smart on your part. You know what you’re doing girl, keep it up! Something I love to make that gives me an awesome energy boost in the afternoon, maybe before a workout, (yes, better than coffee does) is a smoothie ^~^

    Serving estimate: 1 tall cup, about 20oz

    1. 1/2 or a whole banana
    2. A handful of frozen blueberries (or any kind of berry[s] > p.s. frozen fruits are more cheap than fresh when it comes to snacking like smoothies)
    3. A handful of kale (it’ll taste great, trust me!)
    4. a tablespoon of ovaltine.. It’s not like its unforgiving
    5. Fill the blender up about half way with milk. If you can, use unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk instead.

    If you try it, I hope you enjoy!

  • Good luck! It’s so hard I know, I’ve started and stopped so many times and a jump in the scales or a tight pair of pants makes me jump back in.

    Unfortunately I feel so demotivated right now. You’re totally right about afternoon work outs, I always make reasons “I’m too full, it’s too late, it’s raining, it’s something stupid and doesn’t make sense” why I can’t go out and exercise.

    I hope cutting back the time helps, I’d love to see your progress!

  • You and I both! I need to be getting fit as well and I’ve had so many awful days that it really does outweigh the good ones. I always get 2 weeks by with flying colors and then I kick myself back to zero. You’ve actually motivated me to start once again because I am obviously going to go nowhere if I don’t do something now!

    I would love to see your progress and I should start my own progress as well. Maybe we can be fit buddies haha cheering one another on!

  • Honestly, it sounds like you are doing a great job :) I need to be healthier, but I am terrible at it. I love my junkfood/sweets…although I’m lucky we never have too many of those. But I do love eating out and experiencing new food (I even have a food blog for heaven’s sake haha). Luckily anything in moderation isn’t too bad…but I still need to try to be healthier. I don’t have a very high intake of fruits and veggies. kudos to you for having more every day! I used to run at least 3-4x a week but ever since my running buddy (the boyfriend) bailed on me, I’ve been too lazy to go by myself. I try to do pilates but like you said, I get lazy at night. Maybe I should try it first thing when I wake up…then I could get a shower out of the way rather than at night, too. That’s a great suggestion :D

  • i too need to work on my weight. key word being NEED. i am obease at 250 =/ i bought P90x but havent gotten myself through a dvd yet … my motivation level is no where near yours! send me some of your drive!


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