More sleep apnea aggravation.

I just had a Sleep Study done about 10 days ago, and had my first consult about my diagnosis (severe sleep apnea–I stop breathing and wake up on average 48 times an hour) and treatment. I already had an appointment for Thursday for a “PAP nap” to try to get me used to the mask and CPAP machine I will have to use while I sleep.

Doc at the consult today told me since they couldn’t find a pressure for the CPAP to help me sleep during my last sleep study, I HAVE TO DO ANOTHER ALL NIGHT SLEEP STUDY, this time with a BPAP machine.

I HATED THE SLEEP STUDY and this news was unwelcome. If it was even remotely acceptable for a 31 year old woman to start crying and throw a temper tantrum, I totally would have. HATED the study, HATED the mask, HATED the damn machine blowing air into my face. And now I have to get 24 wires taped and glued onto me once again. On August 30th.


And if I get to have weight-loss surgery, I’d have to do the sleep study once again when I reach my plateau. If my luck is any indication, I’m not too hopeful that losing weight will cure my apnea. Because fuck me, that’s why.

One comment on “More sleep apnea aggravation.

  • That’s unfortunate news. I hope the second sleep study is less disruptive than the first since all the machinery and things won’t be new to you. It may help to focus on the benefits that both the surgery and the apnea machine will provide, giving you a more positive perspective on the whole situation. I wish you all the best, and hope this second treatment works!


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