The “American normal” diet.

I had a question about what my previous diet was like, so I thought I’d post that here too:

I would call my previous diet “American normal”. Takeout pizza, frozen pizza, spaghetti, linguine alfredo, boxes/packets of food you just have to add water to like Pasta Sides and Rice Sides, burritos, tacos, burgers and fries, breaded fried chicken, ICE CREAM, frozen yogurt from one of those places you get to add a million toppings, candy, chocolate. I always liked meat and veggies, but I thought I’d get bored with them. So I had to learn how to use spices and prepare them in different ways to keep it interesting. There are some healthy alternatives: cauliflower-crust for pizza, spaghetti squash instead of pasta. I haven’t had luck with the cauliflower crust because I can’t get it to dry out enough so it’s just kind of a mess but it tasted ok. I haven’t found spaghetti squash to try that yet. I would need to make my own sauce because the jarred or canned stuff would have too much sugar/carbs. Two months ago I would have been ugh at the thought of trying to craft my own sauce but now it sounds kind of fun and challenging.

I too was mortified at the thought of losing out on all my favorites. But two weeks in when I got a hit of real energy, I felt it was worth it. Not that I didn’t (and still do, but not as often or as badly) have huge desires and cravings and feel like “omgggg I would murder for some mac and cheese” but it’s been ok. I try to find alternatives, or examine why I’m wanting something that won’t help me reach my goals. See, it’s not wanting “bad things” or “forbidden things”, but not wanting things that won’t help me reach my goals. Then the treats go from being taboo and naughty and punish-worthy to simply not something I want because it will not help me. I’ll also examine if I’m actually hungry, if it’s time to eat something. If it is, I’ll have a protein shake or heat up some leftover meat and veggie dish, or grab a snack size bag of cheese, etc.

We used to go out to restaurants for meals several times a week. Now it’s pretty rare that we do. I can go to Qdoba/Chipotle if I get a bowl, NO rice or beans, just the meat and veggies (and queso, omg). I can get plain chicken wings from Wing Zone and prepare my own veggie side if we have them delivered. Basically I look at menus to see what I can have that’s protein and produce. There’s a bbq place in our nearest mall that has tasty meats and you can get any number of sides, but I go with the green beans. I tryyy to avoid going out since you never know how much carbs might be hidden in what they have. But sometimes it’s nice to have a new meal that you didn’t make.

I’m not sure why but brushing my teeth seems to take care of my sweets cravings. I guess it’s just enough sweetness in the toothpaste and I’m getting all the other food debris out of there that maybe I’m subconsciously like “ugh I need something sweet to counteract this”. I used to only brush twice a day, because you’re supposed to. Now I brush after every meal because I can’t stand leaving any food particles in my teeth. My dental hygenist loves me.

I think of it like this: I used to eat “my favorites” and I felt sluggish and lazy, flubby, had chronic acid reflux, IBS issues, bad bad acne since I was a teen, my knees were going to shit when I was only 30, my clothes never felt like they fit right. ALLLLL of that is now GONE.

And when I get to a point where I can just be in maintenance, I can start incorporating some of my old favorites back in, in moderation. And if my weight starts to go up, I now know what I need to do to keep it in check. So it’s not like I’ll never have pizza or frozen yogurt again. It’ll just be wayyy less often than I used to have it.

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